International Arbitration

CADR International offers parties form Israel and other jurisdictions with a smooth efficient platform to resolve business and commercial disputes

Comprehensive Platform – CADR International provides a comprehensive platform for international arbitration for both corporations and individuals conducting global business

LLeading International Arbitrators & Mediators –  CDAR provides the parties with a leading team of International Arbitrators Mediators, experts in their fields. mediators specializing in different fields.

International Cooperation & Management – CADR International offers international arbitration and mediation management in cooperation with arbitrators and arbitration institutes in the heart of the business centres across the globe..

CADR International Swiss Branch – CADR is providing on-site full-service platform for the guidance and facilitation of the parties involved.

Guidance – CADR provides guidance for parties when selecting the most appropriated clause for their international arbitration/mediation proceedings at the contract drafting stage, or in the case of the absence of an agreed upon clause for the cross-border transaction, upon the occurrence of a dispute.