Dov Rubinstein

Mr. Rubinstein began his career as a pilot in the Israel Air Force rising to the
rank of Major and serving as the COO of the Squadron, he also served as an
International commercial pilot at Arkia Airlines and currently as a 744
commercial pilot at CAL airlines. After making a career switch to Law, he read law
at the King’s College, Cambridge. He clerked at the Office of the Prosecutor at the
International Criminal Court for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague and at
the prestigious Libai Law firm in Tel Aviv. For 12 years he has served in several
capacities at the Claims Resolution Tribunal in Switzerland, including as staff
attorney, Resident Claims Judge, Deputy Secretary General and most recently as
Secretary General (co-CEO), overlooking the mechanism and the Awards to
distribute USD 800M from the settlement fund. Mr. Rubinstein has more than 20
years of experience in International Arbitration. He has founded and supervises
the co-operation agreement between the two leading Institutions the Swiss
Chambers’ Arbitration Institution (SCAI) and Israeli Centre for Arbitration and
Dispute Resolution (CADR) and serves as an International Arbitrator. Mr.
Rubinstein is admitted to both the Israeli Bar and the English Bar. Mr. Rubinstein
holds a BA in Political Science from Haifa University, Israel and a BA and MA
(Honours) in Law from King’s College, Cambridge, UK.